Our Policy

To confirm your reservation, we require a VISA or MasterCard # with expiry date. Your room is not guaranteed until receipt of your credit card info.

You can call  284-345-5436 or 284-340-4220 to confirm your reservation, PLEASE DO NOT SEND YOUR CREDIT CARD DETAILS TO OUR EMAIL ADDRESS.  We want to make sure your information is secure, so please speak to one of our members of staff to confirm your reservation.

No charges will be applied to your card until check-out, or as per our cancellation policy. (We would NOT ask for cash transfer or deposit on your reservation).

Our cancellation policy:
There is no charge if given a 14 day notice. If only given with-in 14 days there is a 50% charge for a confirmed reservation.

Thank you for your inquiry and I look forward to hearing from you.

Kind Regards,